Jewelry Making with Piglet


  • BROOM CASTING: Pour rolling hot sterling down into straw and using the results in the finished jewelry
  • SCRAP CRAP: Twisted, melted, and misshaped pieces of sterling into pleasing shapes which are then soldered to the background sheet
  • EXPLOSIONS: Pouring  rolling hot sterling into cold water and using the resulting free form cup-like shapes to make earrings, pendants, and ring setting

WHAT TO BRING:  Scrap silver, sterling sheet, bezel, small stones for finished pieces. listed materials can also be purchased on the day of the class.  Bring paper and a pen to take notes. Pack a lunch or drive into Halstead for lunch.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  The April 17 class is sold out. A second class will be held Saturday, May 1,  8 am-5 pm.

SEATING: Is limited to six people to ensure proper social distancing.  All COVID-19 protocols will be observed.

An example of broom casting